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Advance Praise for the Book

Masterful, incisive, sophisticated, compelling, informed, engrossing, persuasive, deft, impressive, inspiring … those are just some of the adjectives that experts from diverse academic domains are using to laud Radical Revolution of Values. First, some samples:

"Illuminating and incisive. Azam Saeed diagnoses the crisis of our time with unusual skillfulness. In an age when extremists hijack religion and capitalist supremacy culture hijacks spirituality, Saeed calls us to a sober reckoning with our better angels. He shines a brilliant light on insights that wisdom traditions have always celebrated—the power of paradox, the infinite worth of all of us, and the fierce power of love to transform the world. With refreshing clarity, stunning honesty, and infectious hope, Saeed invites us to walk a path that is simultaneously ancient and new."

—Brandon Nappi, DMin, MDiv,
Director of Leadership Programs,
Yale University – Berkeley Divinity School,
Founder, Copper Beech Institute

“A well-researched and engrossing analysis of 21st-century human crises. … [the] book surveys the paradoxical role of religion in both fostering and hampering global peace… With a firm command of global religions—from the three major Abrahamic faiths, Hinduism, and Buddhism to Indigenous African and Native American traditions—Saeed breaks down theological barriers by emphasizing common elements that lie at the core of human spiritual expression… The book employs an interdisciplinary approach that includes a sophisticated analysis of geopolitics and philosophy … an accessible text that deftly incorporates sacred verses from world religions …”

—Kirkus Reviews

“Saeed’s sweeping, encouraging book offers a vision of how to counter overwhelming geopolitical crises, challenges to societal and institutional structures…. The range of faiths and thinkers Saeed draws upon is broad—the Upanishads, Hobbes, Bertrand Russell, Zen masters, neuropsychologists, apocryphal scriptures. His prose, though, is as direct and inviting as his conclusions … Heartening but clear-eyed about the state of the world, Radical Revolution of Values calls for the best kind of revolution. This [book] finds promise for humanity in understanding faith and each other.”

—BookLife Reviews (by the Publishers Weekly)

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Elizabeth Aaronsohn, EdD,
Associate Professor Emerita,
Teacher Education Department,
Central Connecticut State University

Carol Shaw Austad, PhD,
Professor of Psychology,
Co-coordinator of Peace Studies,
Central Connecticut State University

Rabbi Andrea Cohen-Kiener,
Temple Israel, Greenfield MA

Dr. Riffat Hassan
Professor Emerita, Islamic Theology,
University of Louisville

Brandon Nappi, DMin, MDiv,
Yale University – Berkeley Divinity School,
Founder, Copper Beech Institute

Cynthia Parzych,
Author and Publisher,
Cynthia Parzych Publishing, Inc.

Ibrahim B Syed, ScD, PhD, DSc, FACR, FInstP, FAIC, FRSH,
Clinical Professor of Medicine,
Director of Nuclear Medicine Sciences,
University of Louisville

Idris T Vasi,
Head of Nokia CNS – Asia-Pacific

Miriam Therese Winter, PhD,
Medical Mission Sister,
Professor Emerita,
Hartford International University for Religion and Peace

Khalid Zaheer, PhD,
Islamic scholar and academic