Azam Saeed Author

Testimonial by

Rabbi Andrea Cohen-Kiener

“Few writers can marshal the impressive command of history, psychology, religion and spirituality that Azam Saeed tackles in his masterful analysis of (nothing less than) the state of international and interpersonal conflict.

Citing examples from the United States, where Mr. Saeed has made his home for many decades, and the western proxy wars of the near east, Saeed insistently pulls every sort of polarity into question in the search for an overarching, more-encompassing truth; a truth which demands self-awareness, contrition and confession from all systems—from the human personality to the organizing structures of governance.

Mr. Saeed invites us to apply the same wide-angle lens on our inner evolution. He brings a beautiful interplay of spiritual voices, images and practices.  The whole of the book is infused with an integrative worldview—interweaving informed practical action in the world alongside the necessary growth of self-awareness. Inspiring and informed.”

—Rabbi Andrea Cohen-Kiener,
Temple Israel, Greenfield MA