Azam Saeed Author

Testimonial by

Dr. Riffat Hassan

Radical Revolution of Values is a wide-ranging and multi-layered memoir of Azam Saeed, a Pakistani-American which takes us on a stimulating exploration of his much-examined life. Inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King’s call to work toward a more just and compassionate world through a radical revolution of many prevailing ideas and values, Saeed undertakes an Odyssean venture to find a solution to critical contemporary issues particularly in the context of his dual identity as a Pakistani Muslim and an American citizen.

He believes that the solution lies in religion which is foundational and central to human life, and looks at it in the framework of various disciplines including history, philosophy, sociology, literature, political thought, and science.

An exceptional feature of this book is the author’s strong affirmation of all religions which he sees as different pathways to the same spiritual goal. His well-selected citations from a variety of religious and wisdom traditions are truly appealing as are the precious nuggets of personal memories imbedded in the expansive narrative.

Radical Revolution of Values is a scholarly book but its message of love, compassion, justice, and inclusion, which is much-needed today, is for all people. I am very pleased to give it my highest endorsement.”

—Dr. Riffat Hassan
Professor Emerita, Islamic Theology,
University of Louisville